About Rocket and Walker

Rocket and Walker has been helping companies (re)launch since 2003. Rocket and Walker's mission is to transform businesses into successful brands that resonate beyond a single impression or click. With a belief that form equals function, every Rocket and Walker project is an artistic product balanced with thoughtful purpose and direction. We listen, then create to sell, motivate, and inspire.

David Walker: Founding Partner and Creative Director

David Walker founded Rocket and Walker in 2003 after working his way from entry-level designer to Creative Director in high-fashion design studios in New York City. Walker has created a strong client portfolio using his own unique aesthetic. From branding start-up companies to building e-commerce websites, Walker unites his artistic vision with strategic marketing initiatives.

Lisa Josephsen: Partner and Account Director

Lisa Josephsen became a partner at Rocket and Walker in 2008. As the web-marketing strategist, she works with clients to ensure that good design comes with good direction. Her previous work in advertising and branding for Fortune 500 companies makes her an expert at making sure the right message meets the right audience every time.