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Greece is the Word

Oh to be young and cool, not to mention talented, and not to mention live in Greece. Stamatis Laskos, or Siveone, is exactly that.

Sive attended the Athens School of Fine Arts where he studied painting.  He now works as a freelancer painting on everything from small canvases to giant walls.

His work is refreshing, street art with a fine art twist. The exaggerated shadows, depth, subject matter and overall composition show his skill level.

You can see a lot of his work on his myspace page, yes, myspace. You can also take a look over at Behance Network.

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I like to put this under my Johnny Come Lately category, because anyone who has been looking at, or any other online t-shirt site knows who this is.

Glenn Jones is a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. The name Glennz comes from GLENN from NZ = GLENNZ, and as he states, this was his user name on, which is where he gathered a huge following, so why change it.

At first glance, you might think this is easy to do, but give it a try, I think you will find this extremely tough to pull off. I equate his work with Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side. simple, flat illustrations, but full of humor and wit.  Either you get it, or you don’t.

You can now see and buy his work at his site,

Glennz Tee'sGlennz Tee'sGlennz Tee'sGlennz Tee'sGlennz Tee'sGlennz Tee'sGlennz Tee's


An ampersand (&) is a logogram representing the conjunction word “and”. A logogram is a grapheme which represents a word or a morpheme (the smallest meaningful unit of language). An ampersand is also my friend, so this will be the first post of all things ampersand.

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Ampersand is a collaborative, student-initiated news-magazine for the Kansas City Art Institute. This gorgeous cover creation and design were done by Josh Lambert & Laura Berglund.

Jules Julien

Cadavres Exquis Exhibition for Diesel Japan. By artist illustrator Jules Julien.

Si Scott

Si Scott, British illustrator, does something with type that is just incredible. He actually puts pen to paper.  He is the master of amazingly intricate typography, and it is done by hand with fine liners.  I am showing a small sampling of his gorgeous work, for more you can find him all over the web.

Film & Television Made Simple

Minimalism at its finest. I hope you enjoy.

Jamie Bolton

Olly Moss

Albert Exergian



This is my new favorite font, at least for this week, and probably next week. Meet Kilogram, created by Norwegian designer Karl Martin Sætren. The font design was based off of Nick Curtis’ font Anagram. The best part about this font, it’s free, so download it here and go have some fun.

The Selby

So, kind of Johnny-come-lately with this, but if you don’t know what The Selby is, you are missing out on some interesting spaces with some interesting people.