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The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire’s new interactive video, The Wilderness Downtown, actually gave me goosebumps. As a Google Chrome experiment using HTML5, the makers brought out all the super cool, super geeky techniques, including choreographed windows, custom-rendered maps, real-time compositing, drawing, and 3D canvas rendering. It’s all described here.

Put in different addresses and your experience will be continually different. Watch and enjoy.

R&W in Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine quotes Rocket and Walker in its February issue.

What You Don’t Know About SEO by Erin Weinger

“Lisa Josephsen, a partner at Rocket and Walker, a Manhattan-based web development company, frequently pairs up with SEO experts when building new sites. In the course of interviewing them, however, she’s come across plenty who are willing to compromise design and usability for the sake of the ranking. Others simply want to lure visitors–any visitors. Bad ideas, she says. Make sure your design and SEO teams understand your business model and are the right fit. “You might be getting 100 calls a day,” she says, “but they might not be from the right consumers.” Josephsen recommends keeping an SEO team on call for three months or so after launching a website to get good traffic analysis and advice as you refine your site.”

R&W Begins Our First Book

We’re excited to announce that we’re working on a new book. More details to follow.

Our Inspiration – Chocolate: A Love Story