A.R.T. Design Build, a Bethesda-based, home-remodeling firm has been a long-time client of Rocket and Walker. Recently, the firm approached us about updating its website from Flash to HTML.

We started by evaluating its current market and brand positioning. By better understanding its true target market and their usability needs, we were able to identify and develop an aesthetic and functionality that would attract these clients.

The final design was a modern approach using the tools of the trade. We focused on a stark, clean look utilizing a high contrast of stainless steel and white, giving more attention to the actual work. Green highlights showcase A.R.T. Design Build’s commitment to environmentally friendly building.

Beyond the design, the site also includes a custom content management system for easy portfolio updates. The addition of the blog allows for constant updates and social media interaction.

Client Testionial

“Over the last several years we have come to totally rely on Rocket & Walker for all our design needs. Apparel, print, web – we ask and Rocket & Walker delivers. Cutting edge work in a timely fashion. Year after year, our clients have depleted our stores of employee tee-shirts because of the cool designs. Our Rocket & Walker designed website wins rave reviews from clients and vendors alike. When there were issues with smartphones accessing our site, Rocket & Walker developed a smartphone specific site. We believe that is the next frontier of web access. Rocket & Walker interfaces with all our vendors in a professional manner, so well in fact that several of them have inquired about where we’re getting this radical design work done.”

rw-mac-display-art-11.jpg rw-mac-BIGLONG-display-art21.jpg rw-mac-BIGLONG-display-art31.jpg rw-ipadandiphone-display-art1.jpg rw-logo-art.jpg rw-mac-BIGLONG-display-art41.jpg