Italian style at its best, JensenMartin is an apparel company owned by two brothers with a unique family heritage based in fashion for three generations. With a focus on quality and style, JensenMartin’s outerwear collections are make from the world’s highest quality fabrics, utilizing the latest perfomance technology.

When JensenMartin approached Rocket and Walker, they were looking for a way to express their unique family story and the high quality of their clothing.

Rocket and Walker developed a brand that showcased this Italian heritage with a logo that represents the joining of the two brothers, Jensen and Martin, and incorporated a sense of movement through the three racing-style stripes.

This style was then incorporated into the sleek, clean website that focused heavily on the outerwear itself. The website also includes a user login for a loyalty network marketing program called the JensenMartin Insiders. Insiders are able to register on the website to join the program and then receive a discount for their own purchases. Insider referrals also result a cash commission from purchases, which the website automatically calculates each month.

jm-logo2.jpg jm-logo-22.jpg JM-Logo-1660x1154.jpg jm-52.jpg jm-6.jpg Responsive-Screen-Mockup-Pack-jm-ipadiphone.jpg Responsive-Screen-Mockup-Pack-jm.jpg JM-Corp-ID-1660x1106.jpg JM-Bcards-1660x1106.jpg Responsive-Screen-Mockup-Pack-jm-1.jpg Responsive-Screen-Mockup-Pack2-jm2.jpg Responsive-Screen-Mockup-Pack3-jm3.jpg 01_Flyer-mockup2-jm-1660x1282.jpg 02_Flyer-mockup-jm-1660x1282.jpg 8_10-Branding-Identitny-Mockup-2-jm-1660x1106.jpg Flyer_Poster_Mockup_04-jm.jpg Flyer_Poster_Mockup_05-jm.jpg