Murdock Solon Architects is an architecture firm located in the heart of Chelsea, exactly where you will find many of their own clients – art galleries. With an ability to transform a space into an interesting experience while still showcasing the artwork itself, Murdock Solon has found their niche in the art world. However, this isn’t the end of their story.

You will find their talents reaching beyond the streets of Chelsea to luxury apartments on Fifth Avenue, homes in Connecticut, and browstones in Brooklyn. Murdock Solon has the unique ability to mix a modern aesthetic with classic details, making their vision truly unique and inspiring.

When Murdock Solon approached Rocket and Walker about updating their brand and website, we worked to mix these two markets by creating a sleek, yet approachable design.

We also work with Murdock Solon to develop and manage the site’s content, search engine optimization and online marketing needs – from social media to blog updates.

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